Watch Family Guy online in order to witness Brian undergo his new cosmetic surgery and eventually stumble upon a job as a real estate agent that has him going head to head with Quagmire.

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Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 4 online in order to witness Brian's new transformation.

Initially, Peter's obsession with Brian's rope chew toy leads him to pester his dog in many ways. He offers to trade Brian everything from a tennis ball to a rubber fire hydrant chew toy, everything but a fire truck toy that lights up and makes sounds when in motion, but to no avail.

Peter eventually ties his own rope to Brian's rope and drives off with Brian still biting onto the chew toy. When both parties refuse to let go or stop, Peter's antics lead to Brian flying face first into a fire hydrant. Brian's face gets pulverized and he ends up looking like some sort of ant-eater or aardvarks.

Lois and Peter refuse to spend "human money" on him, and Brian takes matters into his own hands by going to a bar.

He coincidentally sits next to Quagmire and Quagmire takes pity on Brian and offers him his Dentist connect, with whom he already has an account.

Brian gets cosmetic surgery under Quagmire's account and the Starbucks barista flirts with him, the birds form a smile in his presence, and he even stumbles upon a job as a real estate agent due to the newly chiseled smile.

Brian disovers that he has knack of salesmanship and eventually gets an offer to become partner at his agency. All he has to do is sell a crappy condo.

He decides to sell to Quagmire, and he manipulates the entire gang into liking the poperty. They all in turn convince Quagmire to purchase the condo.

Excited to see the property, Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe and Peter make there way over to the place only to discover that Quagmire had been duped.

Watch Family Guy oline to see how Quagmire realizes that he has 72 hours to back out of the transaction, and tries to track down Brian as Brian goes into hiding.

As the countdown continues, they eventually both go head to head.

Brian's smooth talking ability allows him to run the clock out and laugh in Quagmire's face for getting one over on him.

Quagmire doesn't take this well and bashes Brian's face in - reversing the effects of the cosmetic surgery and reverting him back to his aardvark state.

The family makes fun of Brian for failing at a "safety net" job.

Episode Details

On Family Guy, after Peter's antics cause Brian to get cosmetic surgery, Brian's new career path as a real estate agent gets him into trouble with Quagmire.

Rating: 2.4 / 5.0 (32 Votes)
Family Guy
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