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Seth learned of a case from his hometown about a company putting toxic chemicals in the water and people falling ill. 

An old colleague tried to change Seth's view, but he reiterated that he would not give up without a sentence for the CEO. 

A secretary managed to get the judge to agree with Seth about everything and the CEO was sentenced to a lengthy stint inside. 

Kate and Leonard grew closer, but Leonard seemed against the idea of a relationship. 

Jill revealed the truth about her sister to her shocked colleagues as she took on a case that involved a woman who had CTE and had no idea about it. 

She was accused of a crime, but subsequently given freedom after Jill and the team fought her corner in the courtroom. 

For The People
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For The People Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Roger: It's a big case to make.
Seth: I've got to bring criminal charges against a CEO of a $22 billion dollar company.

There are only two sides here. The choice is yours.