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When 36-year-old Danny Dubois is about to get kicked out of his age-restricted complex after his grandmother dies. Peter and Jared try to have another resident, Falcon adopt Danny. Instead Danny ends up adopting Falcon who needs someone to look after him.

The facility then tries to kick out Falcon because he tested possible for amphetamines. Peter and Jared prove Falcon and 20 other residents have false positives because of their prescription medication. The director threatens to evict all of them until the board stands up to him and out votes him.

Karp and Anita take on an airline's Act of God policy which covers a canceled flight for mechanical reasons and ruined a professor's chances for an award. Anita pushes Karp to fight for they client when he almost takes a low-ball deal. They learn that an Act of God is actually determined by the airline's risk assessment supervisor, Ted Davis, making it an Act of Ted.

Swatello struggles to find her place at the firm and is upset over her breakup with Jared. She and Anita go out for drinks. 

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jared: I wouldn't mind his game when I'm 70.
Peter: I wouldn't mind his game now.

It's not like I'm at home pining away for you, collecting your hair to turn into some teeny, tiny voodoo doll.