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Peter and Jared take on an age restriction policy at a senior citizen home when their friend Danny is about to be kicked out after his grandmother passed away. The boys try to prove that age is just a number as they score an age of 13 on a mental assessment quiz. In the middle of it all, the two try to decide which one of them is the sidekick in their relationship.

Damien teams up with Anita to take on an airline's Act of God policy for a client. Damien's willing to take a low ball deal until Anital pushes him to fight for their clietn the way Franklin & Bash would.

And both Swatello and Jared appear upset by their breakup although neither of them will admit to it. Swatello seems to struggle to find her place at the firm since their breakup. She even agrees to go out for drinks with Anita to drown her sorrows and share her woes.

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Karp and Anita team up to take on an airline while Peter and Jared work to help a friend secure his residence at an age retricted home on Franklin & Bash.

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Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jared: I wouldn't mind his game when I'm 70.
Peter: I wouldn't mind his game now.

It's not like I'm at home pining away for you, collecting your hair to turn into some teeny, tiny voodoo doll.