You'll definitely want to watch Franklin & Bash season 4 episode 7 online here at TV Fanatic to find out what happens after Jared sleeps with Peter's mom!

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Jared wakes up the next morning to find he's slept with Colleen, Peter's mom. They both agree that it can never happen again and that Peter should never find out. Jared is so guilt ridden that he confides in Stanton but Infeld tells him he has to tell Peter the truth or Infeld will do it himself.

When Peter finds out, he acts as though everything is okay between them but later blows up in court as Jared begs to save their friendship.

Damien overhears the news that Jared slept with Peter's mom and considers it his welcome back gift. He plans to hold it over Jared whenever he possibly can.

Pindar returns and says he's marrying a gorgeous woman from Belgium whom he's never actually met. They boys put Dan on the case to track down the mysterious Bridget. Much to their shock, Bridget turns out to be real and gorgeous and the boys wish Pindy well as he heads off with his bride to be.

With their beloved diner on the line, the boys go to court to save it. Can they do it and how exactly does Jared make up for his huge mistake? You'll have to watch Franklin & Bash season 4 episode 7 online at TV Fanatic to find out.

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Things get complicated when Jared becomes romantic with Peter's mother. Elsewhere the boys try to save their favorite diner and Pindar returns on Franklin & Bash.

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Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jared: We were young. Mere chicken tenders.
Peter: But now we're the big cocks of the wok.

You should come with evil theme music.