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Louis has successfully banned Jessica from working in the restaurant.

Eddie and his classmates are swept up in a new mania: Shaq has released a new video game. It cost $50.

Jessica is refusing to turn on the AC at home because the family is tight on money. She says to the family that she won't get the family AC until she gets a job.

In the meantime, Eddie wants to buy Shaq Fu so Louis offers to let him work it off at the restaurant. Eddie imagines being able to tend bar or be the floor manager but he's essentially bus boy or a "Fajita Boy." Eddie only makes $18 his first week because his dad docked his pay for the food he dropped and the plates he broke.

His dad estimates that it will take him a few weeks to earn enough to buy the video game. Eddie gets superjealous of his friends who can play the game immediately. He plays hooky at work.

Louis gets upset and his business suffers that day but his mom reminds him that his dad (Louis' role model) was a hard worker but also a kind man. He relents and gives his son $50 to buy the game calling it an early advance.

Jessica is still searching for a job. Because she can't stand not having air conditioning, she does her job search from several real estate open houses where they have air conditioning. In the process, she learns the real estate openings in the area well enough to be able to guide a young gay couple looking for a place.

She ends up assisting with a sale and gets some inspiration from the experience and figures she'll be a real estate agent.

Eddie also has an epiphany: He realizes that he'd rather work for the game.

Because of Jessica's good fortune and her promising new offer from the real estate company, she decides to reward the family with air conditioning.

Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Eddie Huang: So a basketball man made a video game about karateing people?
Jessica Huang: Thank god, thank god. I knew you’d get it.

Jessica: $4.99?! I’ll give you $2
Store clerk: Popsicles are a set price, they’re not negotiable
Jessica: You’re good. I’ll give you $2.50