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Eddie has the hots for Honey's step daughter and tries to get her attention on the bus. When that fails, he has a brilliant idea to ask his mom to carpool. Since his hot neighbor next door would be a likely carpool candidate, Eddie tries to suggest that the carpool should include her.

The plan doesn't work and Eddie's carpool buddy is a weird kid down the road. 

On the way to school with their new carpool buddy, Eddie and his brothers are looking at the new billboard that Louis has rented out to put an ad for Cattleman's Ranch. To the family's disappointment, the signs have been vandalized.

This leads to a revelation (for the audience) that it isn't a coincidence that the Cattleman's Ranch looks like the Golden Saddle. Louis originally intended to buy a Golden Saddle franchise. Because Louis couldn't afford the seed money, he steals the employee manual.

On the Eddie front, Eddie's new carpool friend gives him the good news that the hot neighbor has been invited to dinner.

Unfortunately for Eddie, the hot neighbor comes by to babysit. Eddie desperately tries to impress the hot babysitter. He tries to pretend that he's a co-babysitter. He also tries to hide his food allergies but that gives him diarrhea.

Eddie and Jessica go out to dinner with Honey and her husband in the interim. They are confronted with the owner of the Golden Saddle who was behind the vandalism of the billboard (with the word "thief" written on it). Eddie then confesses his crime to Jessica who surprises him by being impressed with his guile and his work so far.

Although Eddie's babysitter isn't necessarily won over by him, she is impressed with his choice of music and says hi to him on the bus the next day.




Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Louis: You better watch out because Scarface and Miller's Crossing are coming at you.
Restaurant Owner: Is that what you guys call each other? There's nothing I hate more than a couple of cinephiles.

Which one says I'm rich enough to be invited but not rich enough that you can ask me to donate money?