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Nikolas offers Rebecca a check for a million dollars. He then calls her a "whore." She admits she came here for money but fell in love with him.

Nikolas doesn't believe her but Rebecca complains that Emily got everything handed to her while she had to work for everything.

Rebecca promises she can make him happy because she's in love with him.

Calling her a cheap substitute, Nikolas orders her to get out. At the mansion, an amused Tracy guesses Nikolas kicked her out.

Rebecca confesses the truth about why she came to Port Charles to get what she felt was hers. Surprisingly, Edward admits he likes her even more now as does a supportive Monica.

Later, Rebecca slaps Lucky.

Elizabeth finds a drunk Nikolas sitting on the ledge of a turret wondering about Emily's fall and convinces him he does'nt have to turn out to be a Cassadine.

Dominic pleads with his mother not to ruin his undercover work by having him pulled from the job, especially since he's gotten deeper than anyone ever has.

Sonny lectures Johnny about the mistake at the warehouse the other night and is curious that Dominic insisted that he would take the fall when the police arrived. Jason's relieved to see Sam is not just a vision.

As she tends to his wounds, Jason points out the one bullet was meant for his heart. He asks her to take out the bullet still lodged in his leg.

Afterwards, he starts shaking uncontrollably, telling Sam that he's cold. She bundles him up and lies close to him.

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