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Mike tries to convince Molly that Sam and Jason will bring Michael and Kristina back safely. Dominic and Rebecca wake with hangovers.

In a panic, Rebecca asks if they "did it" and Dominic smiles as he claims they did, only to admit he was kidding.

She thanks him for being a gentleman in an obnoxious way.

As Nikolas talks to Molly about why he was "talking" with Emily out on the turret, he spots Rebecca and Dominic and points out she didn't waste any time finding another guy to hustle.

When Alexis joins him and Molly, Rebecca confesses her scheme and later sarcastically tells Nikolas that she's sorry he's not able to get past this. Monica assures Rebecca that she still considers her family.

Kate confides to Jax about Giselle blackmailing her after finding out she borrowed "Zachara money" to cover some of the magazine's bad debts.

Chastising her, Jax tells her he'll handle it and asks her to remind Giselle that he still sails with Warren.

Carly catches Olivia as she meets with Ronnie at the laundromat again to convince him to send her son out of Port Charles. Olivia lies that she's looking at commercial washing machines.

Later, Jax overhears the women arguing and learns that Sonny is the father of Olivia's son, Dante.

Dominic's amused to find Lulu waiting for help at the hospital after glueing her hand to her hair.

Later, when Johnny makes a remark about sleeping with Olivia, Dominic punches him. Nikolas and Elizabeth agree not to tell Lucky about their kiss.

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