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After Nikolas claims he is no longer angry with her, Rebecca states that she finds it hard to believe he could forgive her so easily.

He comments on how odd it is that this time, she's the person who doesn't believe him. Scheming for revenge, Nikolas invites her to forget about this and pick up where they left things.

Edward interrupts and orders Nikolas to get out because of how he hurt her. Running into her on the waterfront, Nikolas thanks Elizabeth for her support lately. Rebecca tells Ethan about the sudden change in Nikolas.

Though Sam pulls back from their kiss and claims they shouldn't do this, Jason kisses her again and takes her to bed where they have sex. Afterwards, Sam hurries outside and gets the car running.

Before they leave, she offers to talk about the sex they just had but he admits he doesn't want to.

Kristina complains to Michael that Kiefer's probably going to spend the night with Tara since her parents are out of town.

He points out that she claimed she wanted nothing to do with him but she grabs the PDA and calls Kiefer.

Realizing who is calling, Kiefer pays a cabana girl to answer his phone and hang up on her. Mistakenly assuming he's with Tara, Kristina packs her things and makes plans to go back to Port Charles.

Claudia questions her husband about his affair with Olivia.

Insisting it wasn't even an affair because they weren't sleeping together, Sonny confides that he has decided to stop pursuing Olivia. Dominic overhears this and tells his mother.

He offers his sympathies but she insists she's not interested in Sonny.

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