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Sam and Jason fight the attraction developing between them. When she talks about how much she misses Danny, Sam thanks Jason for all he did.

On the bus to Mexico, Kristina complains to Michael about the way her mother expects her to act. He laughs that she's the perfect daughter and urges her to change her mind and go home.

When Jerry calls to discuss his fee for services, Claudia tells him she no longer needs him to find Michael because the teen will come home on his own once he hears that he's been cleared because of Alexis.

Jerry refuses to cancel the assignment because he intends to use Michael to draw Jason to him. Jerry spots Kristina and Michael before they cross the border.

Olivia admits to Sonny that she liked it when he kissed her the other day but that as far as she is concerned, there is nothing between them.

He claims they can't turn off their feelings but she disagrees and kicks him out. Sonny realizes he must make a decision about Olivia.

Claudia boasts to her brother that she will make her marriage work.

At Jake's, Lulu chastises Ethan and Lucky for beating Dominic but Dominic insists that he's okay. The two continue to beat the thug until Nikolas enters with Rebecca and pulls Lucky back.

After they argue, Lulu escorts Dominic out with an offer to take him to her place for treatment of his bruises.

As they leave, Coleman points out that the guy ended up with Lulu anyway.

Dominic's disappointed when Lulu takes him to the hospital instead where Epiphany won't allow him to leave.

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