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Claudia hears Alexis and Sonny talking about Kristina running her off the road. Alexis suggests the changes all started when Michael came out of a coma.

Kristina tells Sam that their mother is covering for her since she's the person who forced Claudia off the road.

Insisting that lies are a terrible thing to tell, Sam urges her to come home and admit what she did. Kristina then gives Jason the news.

Furious, Claudia runs to the garage where she complains to her brother about the big lie Alexis is telling. Jason advises Michael that Alexis confessed to running Claudia off the road so he's no longer wanted by the police.

Thrilled, Michael decides to stay there and live his life the way he wants. Kristina pleads with him to come back to Port Charles and help her.

Morgan convinces Cary and Jax to let him wait up until Michael returns home tonight. Calling it a way to take care of his brother, the two ask Morgan to keep them informed about Michael.

Olivia warns Dominic that Sonny's kids have been found and are coming home. Sonny tells Carly and Jax that he wants Dominic to be Michael and Morgan's bodyguard.

Jax agrees with Carly that having someone watching Michael is only going to make him act out more. Claudia interrupts and thanks Carly for saving her life after the car accident.

Sonny later tells Claudia that Kristina caused the accident. She agrees to let Alexis take the blame and move on. Kiefer presses Molly to tell him why Kristina really ran away.

He then asks Alexis if she's going to allow him to continue to see her daughter once she comes home, warning her that Michael's to blame for her daughter's bad decisions lately.

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