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Claudia confides to Sonny about dreaming that their baby was alive. Sonny admits he still can't trust her. He feels she might have had something to do with Michael's shooting.

After she insists that she's innocent, Sonny asks her to come back home once she's released from the hospital tomorrow.

As she treats Dominic with Lulu by his side, Epiphany insists that he remove his shirt. Spotting the gunshot wound to his stomach, Epiphany claims that she must report it but then backs off from the threat.

Dominic tries to convince Lulu to take him home but when she doesn't respond as he hoped, he heads to see Olivia.

There, Dominic finds her with Johnny.

Nikolas challenges Rebecca to a game of pool, asking her to move back with him if he wins and offering to do anything she wants if she wins. When he blows his last shot, she accuses him of deliberately losing.

When he takes her back to the Quartermaine mansion, Edward catches them kissing and orders Nikolas to get out, vowing that he will not "defile the young woman" in the house.

When she threatens to move out, Edward vows to tell Nikolas that she asked him for money. Stopping by Jake's for "ladies night," Elizabeth gets a warning from Ethan about drinking the lethal tequila on a weird night like this.

Robin fails to show so she starts drinking with Nikolas who suggests they call it "old friends night."

While Andrea is anxious to convince Mac that she is deranged, Alexis quietly asks the mayor to tell the truth about their relationship. Later, Alexis is arrested for the murder of Brianna Hughes.

In the lab, Robin vows to prove Alexis is innocent.

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