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Sonny assures Claudia that betraying her dad took guts. Johnny hears what his sister did and reminds her that Anthony may be alive.

Olivia insists to Sonny she has no idea what Kate wants to tell him.

When Kate asks if he would come back to her if he wasn't married to Claudia, Sonny claims that he's no good for Kate.

When he admits that he is going to stay married to Claudia, Kate calls him an arrogant, self-deceiving fool.

She later warns Olivia that she intends to make Sonny and Claudia pay for what happened to her. As they both urge Lucky to break the rules, Maxie argues with Winnifred about rescuing Spinelli and lays claim to him.

Sam and Jason ignore the danger to their own lives and pull their friend out of the burning room. When they realize that he's not breathing, Sam gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and he comes back to life.

The three finally make their way out of the hospital, much to Maxie and Winnifred's relief. Patrick assures Robin that he doesn't care about her decision to send their baby to Mercy with Maxie.

She, in turn, urges him not to feel guilty about staying at the hospital to save people's lives and tells the tale of her desperate journey to the hospital.

When Emma starts crying, Robin's confidence disappears where their daughter is concerned and she asks her husband to feed her.

Overhearing Nikolas trying to force the desk clerk at the Metro Court tell him her room number, Rebecca orders him to back off or she'll call the police and have him arrested for stalking her.

Later, Lucky tries to find Rebecca.

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