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Elizabeth happily brings Robin a casserole. Hearing Emma crying, Elizabeth is taken aback as Robin tells her where the bottles are and runs out.

With a blizzard on the way, Epiphany tries to convince Patrick to stay at the hospital.

Carly's impressed with Jax's plans for the benefit for Michael and because he doesn't have a problem with her meeting with Sonny about the plans.

Kate wonders aloud to Jax if Jerry and Claudia might have ever worked together.

A concerned Spinelli leaks to Sonny that he was arrested by the FBI but then cleared of all charges after Jason had a meeting with them.

Hearing Jason asked him not to tell this to anyone, Sonny lays into him for ignoring Jason's request and insists he do as he was told.

He also suggests he get another line of work because he's too weird for this kind of business. Maxie advises Jason that Spinelli thinks he let him down but he refuses when she asks what deal he made with the Feds.

Robin asks Jason what Carly was like when she suffered from postpartum depression. Sonny confronts Jason and asks him if he made a deal with the FBI.

Carly stops by to see Sonny and gets into an argument with Claudia who later searches for the next DVD which is "hidden" with a collection of CDs.

Matt surprises Maxie when he asks her out on a date. Patrick panics when he examines a patient's x-ray.

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