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Nadine assures Mr. Corday she doesn't care about the money for her aunt's invention. Nikolas interrupts when Corday issues a veiled threat.

Corday claims it's a matter of national security and warns that they'll be seen as "enemies of the state" if Nadine doesn't sign the agreement.

After he leaves, Nadine tells Nikolas about her boyfriend Bruce who was killed in the Iraq war. She insists she would never be involved with anything that causes people to die.

As Sonny comes close to discovering the DVD Jerry hid, Claudia suddenly grabs him and kisses him to distract him. Once Sonny leaves, Claudia plays the DVD but is interrupted by Ric.

Testing her, Ric tells Claudia about Anthony framing Johnny in an effort to force him to seek help from the family. She wants to tell Johnny but Ric asks her to keep this secret.

Maxie forces Winnifred to confess that she has been following Spinelli who is enthused to discover he has an admirer. Later, when Spinelli senses she's jealous, he assures Maxie that she is his only desire.

Lucky explains to Johnny and Lulu that he's being arrested for putting a man named Carl Purvis in the hospital. Johnny denies knowing the guy but Lucky takes him to jail.

There, Lulu blasts Lucky for interfering in her life. She stands by Johnny who claims he's being set up. Ric offers his help but Johnny refuses the offer.

Carly confides to Jax that she enjoyed spending New Year's Eve with him.

He warns her that Sonny caught him with Kate and now thinks that they're having an affair. When she asks if he is, he denies it and apologizes for hurting her.

Carly stops by Sonny's in time to see Carly watching the end of Jerry's new DVD. Patrick advises Sonny that he doesn't think Michael's condition will ever change.

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