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Jax and Carly's lawyers make their divorce meeting lengthy and filled with dire warnings. The two exchange apologies.

Sonny explains to Luke his plan to win over Jason but Luke warns him that power corrupts. He then asks his friend to help Johnny.

Agent Rayner congratulates agent Leeds on doing her job as Spinelli's new friend and assures her that the real target is soon to come into view.

After sex for the first time, Spinelli hears her badmouth Winnifred again and realizes that Maxie took him to bed to keep him from being with her.

He blasts him for deceiving him but she counters that he's fooling himself. When he asks for proof, Maxie points out that his best friend whom he views as a mentor is a criminal with an emotional disorder.

Their bitter argument leads to a shocking moment when Maxie claims she went to bed with him because she knows no one else ever would.

Hurt, he agrees to end their friendship and walks out, leaving her crying. When Maxie tries to find Spinelli to apologize, he's being questioned by two FBI agents.

Visiting him in jail, Claudia urges Johnny to solve his legal problem by going back to his father.

She then leaks that Jerry is tormenting her from the grave with hidden DVDs. Later, Lulu and Johnny are thrilled when the charges against him are dropped after Sonny acts.

Claudia learns about Sonny's latest decision and wonders if he's doing the right thing by running his shipment through Jason's territory.

Later, Jason retaliates by blowing up the ship. After one of the senators warns Nadine that she is close to violating federal law, Nikolas convinces her to sign the patent over to him.

Afterwards, he announces to the panel that the deal with Equinox is over.

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