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Claudia dares Jax to tell his wife what they were arguing about. Carly warns Claudia she doesn't believe anything she says.

Michael secretly listens as Sonny spills his heart about his concern for the child he considers his first-born.

He states that Michael should be with his father but Jason again counters that Michael shouldn't be in the house and accuses Sonny of knowing this.

Sonny eventually realizes that Michael should live at the Quartermaine mansion until he is better.

Michael interrupts and accuses them both of always doing what Carly wants. Jason delivers Michael to the mansion and, as Tracy, Monica and Edward start arguing, fears what may happen once he leaves.

After Nikolas assures her of his intentions, Rebecca agrees to move into his island castle but then is forced to return to the mainland to meet a drunk and threatening Ethan.

He accuses Rebecca of wanting to be with Nikolas but she insists she's just playing the con game with him. After Ethan passes out, Rebecca wonders what her true feelings are.

Telling her the first theory of being a P.I. involves downplaying the first suspect in a murder case, Patrick and Robin tell Alexis they now believe Mayor Floyd's claim that he didn't kill Brianna.

Coleman seeks advice from Maxie and Spinelli about how to drum up more business for Jake's.

While the bartender/owner thinks of women in thongs and Maxie advises gogo girls in cages, Spinelli suggests poetry nights to stir romance.

Sharing a bottle of red wine, Diane encourages Alexis to have faith in herself. In spite of the bad publicity this week.

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