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Johnny admits that he's curious about Olivia's past with Sonny and her feelings for him. Sonny orders Dominic to get out, but he refuses.

Sonny downplays his claims but then offers to listen to what he says if he can bring him the name of a person in his organization who is disloyal.

After he runs out, Claudia urges Sonny not to trust Dominic but Sonny admits he's impressed by the guy.

Stating that he knows that some of his people are not honoring the agreement he has with Sonny, Anthony assures Jason that it's not his fault.

Jason accepts his word but asks for proof and confirmation that Claudia is responsible for Michael's shooting.

Anthony lies that he has no reason to even think that his daughter could have had anything to do with the shooting. Jason tells Johnny about Anthony's warning and Johnny admits he knows nothing about this.

Jason grabs Dominic who reveals his hopes to go to work for Sonny.

Later, Jason gets an eyeful when Sam reveals the outfit she's wearing undercover at a strip club.

Coleman and the rest of the crowd at Jake's call for Spinelli to hit the karaoke stage next but he tells them he's not quite ready.

Disappointed, Maxie turns to Lulu and Rebecca for help getting Spinelli out of his "frozen moment" by singing "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls.

The crowd goes wild and Diane ends up joining them on stage for the finale.

After Spinelli compliments her, Maxie urges her boyfriend to go next and sing from his heart.

Asked for advice, Diane urges Spinelli to tell Maxie the truth but when he tries and sees how disappointed she already is, he announces he will sing to her.

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