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Maxie worries as the rest of the Karaoke crowd snickers at Jake's. Spinelli sings a rock love song to Maxie. Maxie stands to face him and he nervously begins.

Spinelli finds his voice" and suddenly wails about wanting to "know what love is." As Maxie glows with pride, the crowd reacts with applause and admiration.

Affected by Spinelli's romantic gesture, Diane talks to Max about the ultimate tribute they just witnessed.

As Coleman closes the bar, Max grabs the microphone and lip syncs to a song in her honor.

As Jason stares at Sam's sexy undercover outfit for working at a strip club, he ends up playing the hero when she falls into his arms while trying to climb up the stairs.

After he gets an ice pack for her sprained ankle, she uses Spinelli's computer to investigate Dominic for him.

The two are amused when Spinelli and Maxie hurry upstairs to have sex for the first time. Meanwhile, Dominic offers to help Claudia in exchange for her assistance, asking her for some information that he can "put into play" so they can both benefit.

Claudia turns down the offer.

Later at the docks, Dominic boasts to Ronnie about getting in with Sonny. Though she kisses back when Sonny kisses her, Olivia finally pushes him back and orders him to get out and stay out.

Later, when Sonny returns home and she smells Olivia's perfume, Claudia tells her husband that she hopes he enjoyed her brother's "leftovers."

Later, as Claudia secretly watches, Dominic warns Sonny that the once-loyal Danny set up the broken drug deal and that he's planning to betray him again.

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