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Jason fumes as Maxie and Spinelli wake up and have sex again. Spinelli asks a surprised Maxie to marry him in mid-coitus. Maxie claims she can't be late for work and runs out.

After a tennis match with Michael, Kiefer starts in with the brain-damaged remarks before leaving for the country club pool.

Michael can't understand why she hangs out with the guy.

Kristina suggests he hasn't seen his good side yet and points out how he's accepted her when others wouldn't.

Dominic warns Johnny and Jason that he's learned Anthony is putting together an army from prison.

Jason explains his recent meeting with the former mob boss but all agree Anthony's claims are a smokescreen.

Lashing out at Sonny for the way he's always treated her, Claudia announces that she is moving out.

He promises that he will love the baby completely if it is his child but when he mentions that she might have "trapped" him, she slaps him.

Boasting that she's helped his brother, Andrea tells Patrick and Robin that she convinced Brianna's parents to drop the medical malpractice suit because her death is now being treated as a murder.

Later, Robin tells her husband there must be proof that Andrea entered the hotel suite that fatal night.

After Nikolas confirms that he's gone along with her desire for no financial help from him, Rebecca meets Ethan on the waterfront before approaching Edward for $10,000, unaware that Ethan has warned the Quartermaine patriarch about her.

Edward pulls out a pen and offers to write a check for the full amount, no questions asked.

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