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Claudia forces Kelly to reveal that Sonny is the father of the baby she is carrying. Johnny finds his sister alone and learns her news. Kiefer defends hitting her.

He does this by telling Kristina that she upset him when she made him think that she wanted sex and then pushed him away.

He convinces her to forgive him and seals the deal with a kiss.

But when she again pulls back, he lashes out at her for leading him on and walks out.

Later, when Molly spots the bruised cheek she's trying to cover with makeup, Kristina lies that she walked into a door and asks her sister not to tell anyone.

Kristina is upset when she finds a smiling Kiefer with Tara who boasts about the "seniors only" party they will be attending.

Molly welcomes her mother home by telling Alexis about what some of the girls were saying about her. At the country club, Sonny handles Chip with a few threats as an amused Carly and Michael watch.

Tracy warns Michael to stay away from the club but he's not concerned. Grabbing the keys to his car, Michael goes for a ride but finds someone pulling up close behind him.

Crying, Kristina drives her car while Claudia takes off in hers while talking on the phone to Ric. Alexis also starts driving and, as Carly searches in the dark along a road, she witnesses cars crashing.

Guessing the baby wasn't his because Claudia hasn't come looking for him, Sonny tells Olivia that they can be together now. She responds that she's not interested.

Spinelli is confused when Maxie admits she almost didn't make it to the rooftop. When Spinelli gets down on one knee and starts to propose, Maxie develops a fake coughing fit and stop the proposal.

Once he starts again, a hovering helicopter spoils his next chance.

His hopes fall short again when he tries to show her the ring but accidentally tosses it off the roof.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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