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Sonny tells Olivia that he thinks Ric is the father of Claudia's baby. Sonny then forces a kiss. Olivia reacts with passion only to pull back.

Sonny again kisses her but Johnny enters and reveals that Sonny is the father of his sister's baby.

Sonny runs to Kelly who confirms he's the father of Claudia's baby.

Johnny assures Olivia that he wants her.

Thanks to Michael and Kristina's speeding cars, Claudia ends up flipping her own car over the side of the road until it stops, upside down with the driver bleeding and out cold.

Having seen the accident, Carly rushes to the car and calls for help.

When she comes to, Claudia asks Carly to help her get out and save the baby. Michael pulls over and calls Jason for help. He explains all that happened and admits why he might have caused an accident.

Also stopping, Kristina takes a call from her mother and lies to Alexis about where she is. She then calls Kiefer who asks if she hit anyone.

Unsure, Kristina is grateful when Kiefer offers to be her alibi. When they find Sam at home, Kiefer and Kristina lie that they were together all evening.

After Kiefer leaves, Sam senses something's wrong with Kristina and tells Jason. The two worry that either Kristina or Michael caused Claudia's car accident.

Still on the rooftop, Spinelli finally gets the words out and asks Maxie to marry him.

She confesses how much marriage scares her because of all the failed marriages in her past but he promises to love her forever.

He invites her to wear the ring on her right hand and assures her he can wait until she is ready to accept his proposal.

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