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Jason points out that Mac ordered Michael placed behind bars. Robin offers to vouch for him. Michael is grateful when Mac releases him.

Jason takes him back to the Quartermaine mansion.

There, Jason stops him when Michael claims that he ruins everything around him. After stopping Kristina from running out to try to help Michael, Sam gets her sister to talk about the problem she had with Kiefer earlier.

Sam admits that she has learned that lying only makes things worse.

Hearing her complain about mom covering up her "stupid affair" with the mayor, Sam realizes how upset Kristina is and faces off with Alexis, stunning her when she guesses Kristina may have caused Claudia's accident.

Jax and Johnny update each other on Carly and Claudia. Johnny points out the irony of Carly saving Claudia's life after Michael helped cause her accident.

Jax asks him not to say anything to Carly about Michael in order to keep her stress-free but a TV report about Michael's arrest causes her blood pressure to rise dangerously high.

She insists to Jax and Jason that Michael's not responsible for the accident. Johnny tells Jax he'll always be indebted to Carly.

Admitting he just came back from the chapel, Sonny tries to support a despondent Claudia. Johnny is next and argues with his sister about his insistence that she take the drug that might end her pregnancy.

She demands that he find the person who killed her son. Kelly advises Claudia that her baby died from complications from the constriction of the seat belt.

Johnny reports to Sonny that Michael is responsible so Sonny confronts him and, as Kristina secretly listens, tells him he's the reason Claudia's baby died tonight.

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