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Nikolas complains to a sympathetic Elizabeth that Rebecca lived with him for only 24 hours. Spinelli is walking on air as he expects Maxie will accept his marriage proposal.

Jason blasts him for being late and insists on his help getting copies of any security camera footage covering Harborview Road.

Spinelli suggests it would be easier to find out if there was another car that caused the accident.

Though Monica and Alice are thrilled when Edward escorts Rebecca into the Quartermaine living room with the news that she's now living there, Tracy remains suspicious after having badmouthed Michael for yet another car accident.

Edward keeps Nikolas from seeing Rebecca.

When Ethan offers her $500, Rebecca accuses him of trying to con her and decides she's not interested. Morgan shows Jason the goodbye email from Michael.

As Sam and Alexis argue about Kristina's guilt or innocence regarding Claudia's car accident, they're interrupted by Molly who reports that her sister's bed hasn't been slept in.

Deciding not to tell Carly, Jason and Sam agree to work together to find Kristina. Meanwhile, Alexis blames Michael for her daughter's problems and orders Mac to put out an APB for Sonny's son.

She then tells Jax and Carly about her daughter and Michael. Diane offers a lovesick Spinelli advice about Maxie. Lulu urges Maxie to come clean to Spinelli about his marriage proposal.

Worried about how he'll react, Maxie panics when she spots Spinelli going to talk with Mac
. After he gives the officer a hard time, Edward and Rebecca are taken to the station house after being pulled over because Michael switched license plates before leaving town.

Spinelli finds a video of Michael's car going south with Kristina.

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