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Jason confirms that he has Claudia's voice confessing her involvement with the hit on Jerry. Spinelli asks if Sonny will believe it.

Jax and Carly assure Morgan that Michael will remember who he is but they also warn the boy about his possible fits of anger.

Michael pleads with his father to allow him to live with him and Claudia, his new best friend. Sonny eventually gives in to the request.

When Carly arrives and hears about Michael's decision, she's hurt but agrees to do as he asks. Michael and Morgan have a nice brotherly reunion.

Giving him one of his favorite video games, Morgan asks his brother to change his mind and come back to live with him and their mother.

Realizing that she can't hurt her son anymore, Holly tells Ethan and Luke that she failed to tell Luke that she was pregnant because he left her to go back to Laura.

Ethan chastises her for giving him up after he was born but she claims it was the hardest decision she's made though she was determined that he would be in a good family who could take care of him.

Ethan lashes out at her for the lies she's told him since she found him. Lulu explains to Lucky that she hopes Ethan is Luke's son because he'll finally have a child who isn't angry with him.

After Elizabeth tenderly urges him to forgive Luke, Lucky goes to make amends with his father but changes his mind after seeing him kissing Holly.

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