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Michael calls Sonny to say he changed his mind and will be going home with his mom and Jax. Spinelli covers when Maxie returns to the office.

But when Johnny stops by, Spinelli panics that the thug heard his sister's voice coming from Spinelli's computer.

Later, Maxie catches Johnny sneaking back into the office to destroy the recording of his sister. After Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Michael should be with Carly, Claudia blasts him and storms out.

Sonny demands that Jason tell him what he knows.

Instead, Jason decides not to play him the damaging tape but does warn his friend that he thinks Claudia is capable of doing anything including being involved with Michael's death.

Meanwhile, Johnny tells Claudia that Jason has a copy of her ordering the hit on Jerry.

After ignoring Carly's demand that she stay away from her son, Claudia tells Michael that his dad is very upset that he's not going to be living with him.

Later, things get worse for her when Michael seems to be remembering more and more of what she said during her visits with him while he was in the coma.

Holly urges Lucky not to be angry with his father because of Ethan. She points out that Luke walked away from her for the sake of his family.

Unimpressed, Lucky walks out, telling them both that he doesn't care anymore. On the waterfront Lulu urges Ethan to consider thanking Holly instead of hating her because she gave him up to a loving couple.

Ethan returns to Holly and embraces her.

As she gets teary-eyed and comments to Luke about how wonderful their son is, Luke guesses that she's going to be leaving now.

Tracy accuses Holly of wanting to take Luke with her.

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