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Ethan presses Rebecca to prove to him that she is still with him on their scheme. She insists she is.

He warns her about thinking that she can take Emily's place in Nikolas' life.

Hearing the "mark" coming, Ethan warns that he can make their scheme end at any time. Upset, Ethan starts drinking heavily at Jake's.

Elizabeth warns Nikolas that she still doesn't trust Rebecca.

Elizabeth finds Ethan drunk and talkative. Nikolas invites Rebecca to move in with him and then worries he's gone too far too fast.

Sonny won't hear it even after Carly explains her reasons for wanting Michael to live with the Quartermaine family.

Admitting his fear that Michael may end up like him, Jason pushes Sonny to do what's best for the teen.

Alexis explains to Michael that she never allowed him to hang around with her daughter because he's Sonny's son.

When she claims she had hoped her daughter would have better values, Michael points out her own problems with morality.

Jax tries to blackmail Claudia and insists she convince Sonny to send his son away.

Instead, she points out how upset Carly would be once she found out how long he kept secret her role in Michael's shooting. As they argue, Carly interrupts.

Patrick confides to Johnny and Coleman about Mayor Floyd's affair with Brianna and her subsequent death.

Johnny is amused by the family values spokesman getting into trouble. Maxie's enamored when Spinelli decides they will engage in "courtly love" until Robin reveals that means no sex.

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