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Agent Rayner declares Rebecca was illegally adopted. She tells him Paige asked Monica to take care of Emily.

Post barn-sex Rebecca comments about having a "roll in the hay" for the first time and admits she came here in hopes he would sweep her off her feet.

Later, when Alexis arrives, Rebecca decides it's time to leave.

Helena approaches her on the docks and insists they have a lot to talk about.

Rebecca disagrees and tries to leave but Helena grabs her and guesses that Alexis is correct in thinking that she is working a scam with someone.

Jax is disgusted when Claudia approaches him with a warning to keep Carly away from Sonny.

After he calms down and Robin leaves, Michael asks Jason not to tell his parents about the screaming fit he just had for fear he'll never be released from the hospital.

Claudia returns for yet another visit with Michael and tries to turn him against his mother again.

She's shaken when he mentions that he remembers that she visited him while he was still in a coma.

Michael later tries to sneak out of the hospital but is stopped by Toussaint.

Patrick is concerned when Robin explains that she can't stand being away from Emma anymore so she doesn't want to work full time anymore.

Jason is not pleased when he spots Kristina drinking at a bar and takes her away.

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