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Carly questions Michael about why he left the hospital. Michael reveals that he remembers Claudia telling him that she was sorry.

Sonny presses Ric to explain why he's with Claudia.

He avoids his questioning by guessing that Sonny has been with his ex-wife and not Claudia. She then complains to Sonny, allowing Ric to take his leave.

Curious about Ric's time with Claudia, Sonny turns to Olivia for advice.

Ric pushes Claudia to leave Sonny and be with him.

Sonny returns to Claudia and announces that he wants to have a paternity test performed to make sure that he is the father of her unborn baby.

Patrick's impressed when Robin prepares a romantic evening for them. She apologizes for being so high maintenance lately.

Just as the evening gets underway, Patrick opts to go to the hospital after getting a call that Michael is back. He tells Carly and Jax that Michael may get his memory back from his time in a coma.

Later, Patrick returns home and ends up in bed, having sex with his wife for the first time in a long time.

When Nikolas catches him with Rebecca, Ethan claims he's there to invite them to a high-stakes poker game at the Haunted Star because Rebecca's been having luck at the gaming tables.

Nikolas sends him on his way and then advises Rebecca that he just came from Alexis. He shows off the proof that she is Emily's twin sister and she pretends to be surprised by the news.

Turning on the tears, she suddenly sits on the bed as he reveals that Hank and Paige Bowen are her parents who sold her after she was born.

Pausing for effect, she points out that the only way she'll know her sister is through him.

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