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Michael scares Lulu by waking up. She summons Patrick who gives him a quick examination.

She introduces himself as the doctor who operated on him.

Thanks to Lulu's call, Sonny arrives and is almost brought to tears as Michael calls him "dad."

As they reunite, Patrick interrupts and asks Sonny not to tell Michael what happened for fear that he might have a relapse.

Sonny asks Jason to go find Carly and bring him to their son.

Michael advises his father that he doesn't remember anything about the shooting. He does remember seeing Jax take his mother out of the room right before he woke up.

Telling Johnny that Michael is awake, Claudia admits that she confessed everything to the teen earlier and fears he may have heard her.

After Jason gives her the wonderful news, Carly rushes to Michael with Jax by her side but fails to notice how cool he is towards her.

Running into Ethan at the hospital, Lulu is taken aback when he admits that Luke thinks he may be his son.

Amused when Holly enters the Haunted Star casino area, Luke welcomes her.

He asks why she sent Ethan to him with a photo of them and points out that she failed to show at their old stomping grounds.

Holly admits that she was there but opted not to show herself after she saw Tracy was with him.

Tracy bursts into the room and warns Luke not to believe anything she says. Holly confirms that she knows if Ethan is their son but won't tell Luke unless he pays a certain price.

When Tracy interrupts again, Holly walks out and heads over to Patrick's in hopes of finding a place to stay.

Rebecca gives Alexis permission to investigate her over the next two weeks and promises to stay out of Nikolas' bed until then.

When Alexis questions her about her time in Greece, Rebecca claims it was spent with a handsome man on his boat.

Alexis then asks Raynor to investigate her. He agrees but only if she'll go out with him.

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