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Michael lays into his mom for being pregnant so she can "replace him." Jax defends Carly.

Alone with her son, Carly assures Michael that the baby is not meant to replace him.

Hearing the pregnancy may be problematic, Michael tries to get her to confirm it but she refuses to talk about it.

After Carly kisses him goodnight, Sonny quietly warns Michael not to blame his mother.

When Michael complains that it's killing him not to remember what sent him to the hospital, Sonny tells him about the shooting and asks for his forgiveness.

Revealing that Michael woke earlier, Jason confides to Sam about his concerns for the teen.

He tells her that he's decided that he's going to stay out of it.

After Luke and Holly argue about who can drink the other under the table, Patrick invites them all to sit down and discuss the paternity situation.

He suggests another DNA test but they refuse and insist that Holly reveal the truth.

Instead, Holly again asks Luke to pay her for the truth and demands that he use Tracy's money.

Luke offers to "negotiate" this elsewhere but she kicks them both out.

Drawn to each other after drinking together at Jake's, Olivia accompanies Johnny back to her place and ends up in bed with him.

After sex, Olivia suggests they do this again when they're both sober and he likes the idea.

Later, Sonny stops by to talk about Michael and catches them together.

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