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Michael rages as Carly, Sonny and Edward argue about where he is going to live. Once he's released from the hospital, that is.

Jason asks everyone to leave but out in the hall, the arguing continues.

Jason returns to Michael who admits he doesn't know where the anger came from. He tells the teen about his experience with change after his own medical problems and downplays Michael's fear that he's brain-damaged.

Congratulating her first on how she has helped Michael, Spinelli warns Lulu that Johnny slept with Olivia.

Lulu denies that she's upset by the news because she and Johnny are no longer together.

Maxie explains to Johnny why she asked him about his affair but when Olivia arrives at the garage, she claims it's not important since he'll never be in her life and walks out.

Olivia and Johnny both admit they have no regrets about having sex.

Ethan's upset after learning that Robert Scorpio is his birth father, not Luke. He blasts her for giving him away after he was born.

Holly claims she did it because of Luke.

Lulu arrives in time to hear Ethan badmouth Holly and reacts to the realization that they are not related.

Lulu offers to go find Ethan to make sure he's okay while Luke warns Holly of the damage she may have done.

Released early from her rehabilitation, Robin invites Patrick to dinner at their "favorite" restaurant to talk about her coming home.

Patrick admits how much he has missed her and assures her that there is nothing to forgive since there were other forces at play.

However, at home, he watches nervously as Robin holds Emma for the first time in weeks.

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