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Claudia brings her brother a loaded gun. She admits she's worried about him as he had sex with Olivia.

He warns her that she has no right to dictate who he should or shouldn't be with. She admits her worries that her secret will come out and adds that Jason already suspects her.

Later, Sonny stops by the garage and warns him to stay away from Olivia. When they do get together, Johnny and Olivia agree to wait before they have sex again.

Calming a flustered Claudia, Ric invites her to go away with him. Michael asks Jax about a woman who he heard say she was sorry.

Admitting he doesn't know what he's talking about, Jax urges him to be nicer to his mother. As they argue, Lulu securely listens to Michael threaten to run away.

After Jax leaves, Michael tries to get out of bed but falls. Lulu helps him back into bed. Holding Emma, Robin congratulates Patrick on being a great dad and promises she'll try to be a good mom.

Warning him his attraction to her isn't healthy, Alexis asks Agent Rayner to investigate Rebecca.

Finding her wearing Emily's robe, Elizabeth accuses her of doing this deliberately. Rebecca explains that her clothes were soaked while they sailed.

After Rebecca leaves, Elizabeth warns Nikolas that he should be frightened about her motives but he downplays her concern again.

Later, Rebecca makes a mystery call about how close she's getting to Nikolas and calls his concern for her "cute."

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