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After Alexis hears how Molly and Morgan helped free Johnny, Sonny interrupts and seeks her help finding Carly. He asks her to get Jason released.

Under arrest, Jason pleads with Lucky to let him out so he can find Carly. Johnny is next to offer to help free Jason but only if he can accompany Jason to make sure he doesn't kill his sister.

Alexis arrives and argues with Mac about the validity of Jason's arrest. She convinces Judge Wagner to order Jason released.

Sonny thanks Alexis who insists that he stay away from Kristina until their daughter approaches him. Later, Kristina tells Alexis she didn't realize how mean her father was until tonight.

Lulu and Dominick join Spinelli as he uses his computer to find a lead on the car Claudia stole. Lulu is suspicious when Dominick seems to know a lot about how the police might investigate this kidnaping.

Speaking calmly for the boy, Jax tries to explain to Morgan what Claudia has done but when he takes too long, Michael bursts in with the complete story about the kidnaping and how Claudia was responsible for him being shot.

Carly comes to after the car crash and finds Claudia unconscious.

Suffering labor pains along the way, she makes her way out of the car and through the rainstorm to an abandoned cabin where she tries to light a fire.

As she settles on a couch to deal with her labor, a soaking wet Claudia bursts into the cabin, armed with a handgun.

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