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Dominic and Johnny jump in the water to rescue Lulu. As the water rises higher, Dominic orders Johnny to go get help.

Dominic says that he's never bored with her even as the water rises. Lulu urges Dominic to save himself but asks him not to bing down Sonny.

He plays dumb but Lulu admits she remembers now that he's working undercover. Boasting that he is the boys' father, Sonny orders Michael and Morgan to come with him.

Both boys refuse to leave Jax and Morgan points out it's not his night to have them. When the men start arguing after the boys leave, Olivia urges them to calm down, suggesting they both do what is best for the children.

As a gun-toting Claudia approaches her, Carly orders her to get away. Instead, Claudia offers to help Carly as she struggles with her painful labor.

Claudia realizes the baby's shoulder is trying to come out with the head and is reluctant when Carly instructs her how to free the shoulders.

When the infant is delivered, Carly panics when she can't hear the baby cry.

Jason quietly sneaks up to a cabin but when he bursts through the door, he finds a mother and her two children.

The frightened woman admits that the crashed car outside is hers.

Jason returns to the apartment and explains his failure to Sam and Spinelli, affected that his actions could have resulted in their deaths.

He and Sam rush out again, heading to the Canadian border. Meanwhile, Michael slips out and also drives north.

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