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Dominic tells Claudia that he's shooting her because of his mother and father and he would never have sex with her. Claudia threatens him.

Johnny finds his sister in a hotel suite drinking champagne and is upset to realize she tried to get pregnant to save her marriage.

He warns her of the consequences of such dire actions but she responds that she only wants his promise that he'll always love her.

Confronted by one of his thugs, Olivia visits Anthony who asks her to convince him he shouldn't have her killed to protect Johnny.

Not scared, Olivia vows to give Johnny all the love and support she can give him. Laughing, Anthony claims that he thinks she is good for his son so she gets to live.

After Anthony, Johnny runs to Olivia and kisses her passionately.

Elizabeth tries to tell Lucky about her affair but finds a surprise party waiting for her at home. As Helena makes veiled threats to Lucky and Ethan, Luke interrupts and confirms that this is how she works.

Helena tries to get Ethan alone for a moment but he leaves with Lucky.

Tracy joins them as Luke argues with Helena who insists that Valentine is still alive. After he orders her to leave town, Helena tells Nikolas that she knows he had an affair with Elizabeth.

Dominic tells Lulu that he didn't sleep with Claudia. Later, a few letters and numbers spray-painted on a wall give Dominic pause. Claudia tells Sonny that she's not pregnant.

Searching Devlin's house, Sam and Jason find a bag filled with cash and bearer bonds.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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