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Spinelli can't find any links to the graffiti. Dominic asks for his help with Joey Limbo. Lulu interrupts and argues with Dominic again.

After she leaves, Spinelli tries to convince the undercover cop that Lulu really doesn't like the way he talks to her.

After Claudia challenges Mo in Puerto Rico, the angry mobster reminds Sonny that this is his territory. Sonny and Claudia then meet the others and Sonny states that Mo has betrayed them all by backing Anthony.

As the group assures Sonny they are with him, Mo pulls a gun on him. Claudia responds with her own handgun but it's Sonny's harsh barking in Spanish that causes Mo to drop his weapon.

Sonny later assures Claudia that he won't forget how she helped.

Tracy and Luke watch as Ethan approaches Rebecca when she arrives at the casino. Luke later warns Ethan about the trouble he'll cause if he faces off with Nikolas.

Remembering Jerry issuing threats, Michael lies to Carly and Jax when he tells them what he remembers Jerry saying while he was in a coma.

In spite of the danger, Sam tells Jason that she wants to help him uncover Claudia's secrets. They page through the collection of computer discs and find one dated March 28, 2008, days before Michael was shot.

Hearing Ian's voice, Jason claims this is the order against Sonny and asks Spinelli to find out if Claudia was on the other end of the phone call.

Tracy asks Lulu about the Ethan/Lucky/Nikolas triangle but she won't talk. Finding her upset, Dominic convinces Lulu to have cider with him.

She wonders if he's ever wanted to find his father.

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