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Spinelli finds another recording of Devlin in an attempt to establish proof. Jason identifies Claudia's voice but Spinelli claims the voice segment is too short.

Concerned that Jason's so anxious to "create" the proof he needs to show Sonny, Spinelli warns that he won't do that.

Sam and Jason head to the hospital where they get their hands on more of Devlin's CDs. Back at Jason's, Sam admits her concern for his growing anger and frustration and asks Jason what he'll do if he can't find the proof against Claudia.

Admitting he was only 14 at the time, Dominic tells an impressed Lulu how he searched for and found his father.

He explains that he found the man had a wife and three kids and obviously no room for him in his life so he ended his search.

Sonny confides to Claudia that he'll never get past what happened to Michael. Hoping to save her own neck, Claudia convinces him that Michael wants to move on and urges Sonny to do so.

An "associate" from downstairs interrupts and advises Sonny that he has everyone's complete support for taking them into the future.

He also reports that Mo Verde suffered an accident earlier and is no longer a problem. Sonny tells Claudia he wants to go home and plan a party for her.

Jason and Sam listen to the tape of Claudia telling Jerry when to kill Sonny. Kate presses Olivia to tell Dominic that Sonny's his father but then accuses her of keeping the secret to protect her, not her son.

Later at Jake's, "cousin Connie" offers to buy Dominic a drink.

Michael advises Kristina that he has remembered Jerry telling him that it was Claudia who was responsible for his shooting.

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