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Picking her up for a date, Lucky tells Elizabeth he feels "lucky" tonight. He then realizes what he said.

When they arrive at the Haunted Star, Lucky hints to Luke that he knows he's going to try to cheat him tonight but Luke is shocked his own son would think that.

Nikolas can't take his eyes off Elizabeth who spots him staring.

Rebecca has a run of bad luck at the roulette table and wants to leave but Nikolas boasts in front of Ethan that he's paying for tonight.

Ethan resents the boasting and challenges Nikolas who asks if he thought he meant that Rebecca was for sale.

Ethan and Nikolas start fighting until Luke and Tracy stop them.

Luke then offers Ethan advice on how to handle his feelings for Rebecca.

Nikolas decides to take a protesting Rebecca back to the Quartermaine mansion. Elizabeth tries to have sex with Lucky but backs away.

Dominic gives Ronnie a hard time when his boss demands hard facts and figures so they can bust Sonny on tax evasion.

Lulu watches Ronnie leave and then accuses him of being a cop. He's relieved to see that she's drunk and needs to take her to the hospital.

Not wanting to go, Lulu remembers hearing him talking with Ronnie and guesses correctly that he's working undercover.

He ends up taking her back to his place where she flirts with him, asking him if he's going to make her dreams come true.

Warning that he remembers Claudia admitting she was responsible for his shooting, Michael assures Johnny that his memories are correct.

As he second guesses why Jerry said what he did down in Mexico, Sam tells Jason that she is with him and wants to make Claudia pay.

Later, Jason warns Johnny that when Sonny and Claudia get back, what happens has nothing to do with him. He adds that there is no way to save Claudia.

Joey Limbo pulls a gun on Johnny.

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