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Michael advises Dominic that he needs to talk with his dad about his memory. Dominic urges him to wait.

Jason asks Sonny what he's going to do to Claudia now that they have proof she was responsible for Michael's shooting.

Sonny stuns him by announcing that he's got a birthday party to go to and leaves.

When Claudia vows to tell Sonny the truth about their son, Olivia attacks.

Two hotel security guards pull them apart after they exchange blows and hair pulling. Claudia insists they arrest Olivia. Later, after checking his handgun, Sonny surprises Claudia with a necklace.

He also offers her a champagne toast, telling his wife she's finally getting what she deserves. Mac releases Olivia after admitting he knows her son is working undercover.

Morgan and Molly hear Johnny yelling for help and free him from the two thugs guarding him.

Sam tries to stop Jason from attending the party but he vows to take care of Claudia himself if Sonny doesn't act.

At the birthday bash Dominic takes great pleasure in telling Maxie in front of Lulu about their night together.

He leaves them to argue about Lulu's interest in Dominic. Spotting Michael, Dominic calls Carly to warn her. Carly talks her way past one of the hotel's employees.

Mayor Floyd asks Alexis to return as D.A. but she refuses.

Sonny quiets the guests and thanks many individually for coming to the party. He then turns to Claudia and asks how he can repay her for all she has done.

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