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Sonny quiets his friends with glowing words about Claudia. As Claudia stares in disbelief, Sonny shouts that his wife is responsible for his son being shot.

Claudia denies it and guesses that Jason has filled his head with lies. Sonny bitterly insists he has proof.

Johnny steps out and claims that he gave the order for the shooting but Sonny doesn't believe him.

Claudia insists that she never meant to harm Michael.

Sonny continues raging, asking Jax how long he was going to hide the fact that Jerry was involved in the shooting. Claudia pulls out a gun and takes Carly hostage, threatening to shoot her if anyone comes close.

Though Carly reports that she is in labor, Claudia forces her out into the rain and then into a car. After they drive away, Jason, Sonny, Jax and Johnny can't find them anywhere.

Things get worse for Jax when Carly's doctor informs him that she met her patient earlier this week and warned that a C-section delivery is the only way she can safely give birth this time.

As she drives while Carly struggles to deal with her labor pains, Claudia claims this never would have happened if her baby had lived.

Hearing her threaten her daughter, Carly grabs the wheel and runs the car off the road. Olivia urges her son to reveal he's actually a cop but he refuses.

Johnny warns Jason about being grabbed by Joey Limbo and fears that Anthony told him to kill Claudia. Worried that Jason may find and kill Claudia, Mac orders him placed under arrest.

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