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Elizabeth and Lucky panic as they hear news about Jake in the hospital. As Elizabeth fears the worst, Nikolas tries to comfort her.

Trying to deal with his own new emotions regarding the boy, Jason is shocked when he witnesses Nikolas and Elizabeth's passionate kiss.

Refusing to give up on his sister, Michael starts searching the wrecked carnival ride and finds Kristina in the wreckage.

Encouraged by Jax to keep her secret, Olivia is tormented as she hears the latest on her injured son and considers revealing her secret so that she can help him with an organ transplant.

Meanwhile, Sonny remains curious about Olivia's overt concern for Dominic. Later, Patrick overhears Olivia talking with Domini and learns that she's his mother.

Michael is taken aback when he suffers a flashback to a time during his coma where he remembers Claudia apologizing to him while he was in the hospital. Diane's overjoyed when she gets good news about the injured Max.

However, once he's alone with Milo, Max confides to his brother that he can't feel anything "down there."

Edward finally comes to and is overwhelmed with grief as she learns about the accident he caused.

 she goes through the dead woman's things, Robin finds the vial of Digitalis among Andrea's effects.

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