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Maxie guesses she'll help save her from marrying Spinelli by forcing her to run some errands. Lulu stuns her when she rearanges their boss' schedule.

Matt invites Maxie to fly with him to his friend's place in the Bahamas for two weeks. She reminds him she's getting married tomorrow but he claims she's not the marrying kind.

After Mac reports to Robin that Maxie and Spinelli broke into Rice Manor that they've chosen for their wedding, he considers putting Spinelli behind bars to foil his wedding plans.

Robin hints that the only way these nuptials will not take place is if the bride decides. Boasting to Jason and Sam about their choice of Rice Manor, Spinelli asks his best man to have a final fitting and introduces Mr. Kurosawa the tailor.

Sam's amused when Jason rushes out after being asked to wear a pink tie for the wedding. Laughing, Sam urges him to doing as his friend asks and Jason agrees.

Jason then asks Sam to be his date for the wedding
. Olivia demands that Sonny keep Johnny out of danger. Claudia finds them arguing and orders her to get out.

Leaving, Olivia tells them both that she pities the child if Claudia gets pregnant again. During his first day at Madison, Michael complains to his sister about the jerks he's met on his first day at the prep school.

He skips school after remembering Sam urging him to wake up from his coma and worries to Jason and Sam that his returning memories may not be real.

Dominic gives Ronnie a hard time when he brings him donuts and leaks that he can't find his badge now. Lulu stops by again and offers him the badge.

Dominic worries when Jax and then Sonny stop by for a visit and the badge is in full view.

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