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On Girls Season 4 Episode 1, Hannah's parents toast to her and the Iowa Writer's Workshop. The episode follows her as she packs and says goodbye to her friends.

Hannah and Adam have decided to stay together, despite the distance. Adam's career is progressing. He now has an agent and more auditions but he still gets frustrated. Adam helps Hannah prepare for her next step.

Marnie and Desi perform for a tough brunch crowd where they end up getting heckled by kids. Marnie doesn't take it well. Meanwhile they are still fully having an affair and Marnie is in love with him. 

Shoshanna finally graduates from NYU and we meet both of her parents. Her mother is played by guest star Ana Gasteyer. She is stressed out by both of them. It also seems like she may have made peace with Ray.

Jessa gets in an argument with Beedie's daughter played by Natasha Lyonne. Beedie is leaving for Connecticut because her daughter knows that Jessa was going to assist her suicide. Meanwhile Jessa is pissed at Hannah for leaving. 

Elijah also guest stars and adds some comedic moment. He helps comfort Marnie when she's upset about the hecklers. Marnie goes to Hannah's at 6 AM to help her pack and finally leave for Iowa.

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Girls Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

To Hannah, taking her next step through a series of random steps.


To our daughter Hannah, slow to grow but oh how beautiful is the blossom.

Hannah's dad