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On Girls Season 4 Episode 2, Hannah heads to Iowa for the Writers' Workshop. She is initially pleased when she finds out that the real estate is much cheaper and finds herself an awesome place to live.

While video-chatting with Marnie, Hannah gives her a tour of her new home and tells her how great she is doing. Marnie is worried Hannah is going to ask about Adam. Hannah makes her promise that if Adam's in an emergency situation, Marnie will tell her. Marnie also admits that she is knitting a scarf for Desi. She doesn't want to admit, however, that they are having an affair.

Hannah initially likes the campus where she's told she doesn't even need to lock up her bike. Then her bike is stolen, her cell phone breaks, and her Amex stops working. In her first fiction class, Hannah gets rough feedback on her story because it is clearly based on her.

Just when Hannah is depressed and at rock bottom, Elijah decides to surprise her. He shows up and drags her out to party. They have a great time and Elijah hooks up. They dance and Hannah wrestles in blue goop. They decide they don't hate Iowa after all.

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I mean a lot of people think I'm 19. I get carded all the time and no one think I'm legal, like in the bedroom.


I mean, two thumbs the fuck up.