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While looking for sheet music on Glee Season 6 Episode 3, Kurt runs into Blaine and Dave. Kurt tries to move on while Blaine reminisces fondly over their relationship. Kurt daydreams that he walked all over town singing "It's Too Late" by Carole King and suggests to Rachel that they assign Tapestry as the week's lesson. She suggests Jagged Little Pill. They decide to do both.

Coach Beiste has been skipping practices and she tells Sam she's been missing them to let him grow as a coach. She says her knee has been bothering her but when Spencer comes in and asks to start at quarterback, she grows agitated and angry.

The old New Directions show up to the first practice for the new New Directions to help Rachel and Kurt, who are having issues working together. They interrupt each other and end up confusing their new recruits.

Becky Jackson brings her boyfriend Darrell home to meet her parents, but she needs help from Quinn and Tina to convince him she was in glee club in high school.

Santana asks Brittany to move to New York with her once they're finished helping Rachel and Kurt. They promise to love each other until infinity.

Sue meets Darrell, who is not Downs Syndrome, and has suspicions about his intentions with Becky.

Santana and Brittany sing an Alanis/Carole mash-up to demonstrate the assignment for the new kids and then Santana proposes to Brittany. Brittany accepts and Kurt objects on the grounds that they are all too young. Tina shuts him down and gives Brittany and Santana her blessing.

Spencer goes to Sue with concerns about Coach Beiste. He relays how she's screaming and yelling about the strangest things and tells Sue he watched her swallow a bunch of pills. Sue brushes off his concerns and sends him away. Spencer suggests Sam take over the football program.

Santana confronts Kurt about his comments in the choir room and lists all the reasons things might not have worked out between he and Blaine, none of which are due to their ages.

Quinn and Tina meet Darrell and decide they need to go to Sue immediately. 

Kurt apologizes to Brittany for interrupting their proposal and she tells him that Kurt is moving in with Dave. She suggests he move on and he says he's hoping he and Blaine will get back together one day.

Quinn, Tina, Sue, and Coach Roz confront Darrell about his relationship with Becky. He ends up giving them a lesson in treating her like a normal person.

During the first New Directions mash-up, between Jane and Mason, Kurt envisions his entire relationship with Blaine and ends up in tears. Sparks begin to fly between Jane and Mason. Rachel praises their performance while Kurt begins ripping them apart. Rachel sends Kurt home.

Sue visits Coach Beiste about the change in her behavior and learns that Beiste has cancer. Sue vows to do whatever it takes to help Shannon beat it.

When it's Becky's turn to sing in front of the glee club and Darrell, she can't bring herself to break into the trio she's supposed to perform with Quinn and Tina. She runs from the room and the other girls follow her to tell her she has to be honest with Darrell if she wants things to work out.

Sue calls Sam and Coach Beiste into her office so that Shannon can tell Sam what's been going on. She reveals that she's preparing to undergo gender reassignment surgery and will need Sam to take over the football program at McKinley. Sue tells Shannon that should she wish to return to the school following the surgery, Shannon will have a job.

Becky comes clean to Darrell about the lies she told him and he says he understands and has her back.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

[to Santana] Okay, I may be a genius, but how can I argue with the logic of your giant, generous heart?


[to Spencer] You take Fred Flintstone off his brontasaurus, all he is is Wilma with a set of man plumbs. Conversation over.

Coach Beiste

Glee Season 6 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Glee cast its too late It's Too Late Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast hand in my pocket slash i feel the earth move Hand In My Pocket / I Feel the Earth Move Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast will you love me tomorrow slash head over feet Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Head Over Feet Glee Cast iTunes