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Will begins Glee Season 6 Episode 7 with a monologue about his new life as coach of Vocal Adrenaline. He hopes to make small changes there which will bring them to a new way of doing things while still winning championships. He doubles down on his efforts to teach Vocal Adrenaline tolerance when he learns that they decided to revive the old tradition of egging their competition, starting with Rachel and Blaine.

He gives Vocal Adrenaline their first assignment, to take turns performing songs dealing with the theme of tolerance and kicks off the assignment with "Same Love." He asks Unique to return to Carmel to assist him in the assignment and Vocal Adrenaline laugh at his attempt. Clint, the Vocal Adrenaline captain, tells the team they should Will's attempt at teaching them something to scare the New Directions. Will tells Clint and the team that their behavior is over.

Coach Beiste returns to McKinley for the first time post-transition. Sue has taken steps to ensure his return to the school will be a smooth one. 

Sam visits Rachel who tells him she had a dream she was on Broadway but the dream was ruined by the sounds of a realtor nailing a sold sign out front. She had been sabotaging every offer so that the deals would fall through but she was unable to stop the inevitable and now she's not ready to say goodbye. Sam rallies the troops to help her come to terms with this change in her life.

On the way to his car after school, Coach Beiste finds his vehicle has been vandalized by Vocal Adrenaline. Sue calls Will to McKinley to meet with her and Sheldon tells him that his students were the ones to vandalize the car. Will vows to make his students pay.

Rachel announces the week's lesson to the New Directions and Kurt changes the lesson from Buckeye Bullseyes to "transitioning." Artie rolls out a wheel. They each take turns spinning and the name they land on is the identity of the person with whom they'll have to sing a duet at Rachel's "Farewell To Her House" party. Kurt tips the wheel in his favor so that he has to sing with Blaine.

Blaine tells Kurt that Dave thinks there's something between the two former flames and both of them pretend there's nothing going on. Blaine awkwardly hugs Kurt goodbye before saying he'll call so they can discuss their song.

Sam and Spencer find Coach Beiste in the teacher's lounge and demand the names of the people responsible for vandalizing his car. He tells the boys that he's happy with his life and who he is and doesn't want them to defend him against ignorant bullies. 

Will dresses down Vocal Adrenaline and when Clint tells him that winning is everything and no one likes him, Will kicks Clint off the team. At home he tells Emma that he doesn't like his job or the people he works with. He likes the perks that come with the job but doesn't like what kind of man that makes him. Emma suggests that he find a new job and reassures him that they'll be fine no matter what.

In Rachel's final basement party, the group sings and dances to help Rachel say goodbye. Rachel sneaks Sam upstairs to her bedroom. She shows him the final wall she can't pack up and he tells her that packing up the wall doesn't make the memories go away. Their moment continues while the party goes on downstairs. 

Kurt and Blaine team up for "Somebody Loves You" and the group finds Rachel's dress up costume stash. Soon there are astronauts, queens, and ballerinas dancing around Rachel's basement. Blaine has to leave early to get to Dave's intramural football game the next morning so Kurt walks him out. They reminisce about their first duet together and then Blaine kisses Kurt.

Sam and Rachel sing "Time After Time" and the next scenes show Rachel and her friends putting the pictures from her wall into photo albums as they pack up the rest of her bedroom. She closes the door for the final time and turns off the lights.

While working late at the school, Coach Beiste encounters Unique in the locker room. Unique reassures him that he's not going through this alone as the two discuss Beiste's transition.

Will returns to Vocal Adrenaline to learn that Clint has been reinstated by the principal. Will goes along with the reinstatement and tells the team that from now on, he'll do things their way, starting with a prank on McKinley.

Blaine and Dave get back to their apartment and when Blaine isn't saying anything, Dave calls him out on it. Blaine says he sang a duet with Kurt and Dave says that's not anything he would've been upset about. Dave knows that's not all and asks if Kurt kissed Blaine or if Blaine kissed Kurt. Dave sends Blaine to Kurt after helping him realize they're both still in love.

Blaine runs to McKinley to find Kurt and profess his love and meets Walter. Kurt and Walter and Rachel and Sam are going on a double date to Breadstix. Blaine is alone.

Will sneaks Vocal Adrenaline into the auditorium at McKinley and tells them to squeeze KY Jelly all over the stage so the New Directions will slip all over the stage. Just as they're about to begin the prank, the lights turn on and Unique comes out singing again. Beiste joins her on the stage and then the lights come up to reveal an LGBT choir accompanying them both. Vocal Adrenaline witnessed it all.

Clint confronts Will about his stunt and Will quits. Kurt and Rachel ask him what his plans are now that he's quit his job and invite him to become the "alumni consultant" for the New Directions. He accepts.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Will: No one goes after one of my friends and gets away with it.
Sue: Except for me. I always go after your friends and I've never not gotten away with it.

Well, McKinley, this is it. It took a long time to get here and my heart's racing like a slow pig at a sausage factory, but I can truly say that today I'm living the life I always wanted.

Coach Beiste

Glee Season 6 Episode 7 Music

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Glee cast you give love a bad name You Give Love A Bad Name Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast same love Same Love Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast all about that bass All About That Bass Glee Cast iTunes