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The episode kicks off with Cara, Miles, and Rakesh finally getting into an underground poker game using the card aka the entry ticket that "Z" left them. 

Upon entrance, a man named James pulls them over to the side and questions who they are. 

"Where is Erin Lee," he asks, which the trio assumes is "Z's" real name. 

James informs them that he had an arrangement set up using his "particular set of skills." Rakesh agrees to help James in exchange for a birth certificate that Lee requested. 

According to James, he was working for a mysterious employer online and thought he found out his identity. 

The next day, James reveals Lee promised to hack into the NYPD and expunge his records so that his fiancee, Graciela, could get a visa. 

Rakesh refuses to take such a big risk and they find another way through Ray, a former friend suggestion and the arresting officer on the case. 

Ray gladly meets with them and informs them that James covered for his brother the day they arrested him. 

James' brother refuses to turn himself in and possibly face jail time to right his wrongs because he has a daughter. 

Ray finds a loophole that allows him to petition the arrest and get it cleared. 

Once he does, James hands over the birth certificate and reveals it belonged to a Corey Smith, the son of Alphonse Jeffries. 

Could he still be connected to the God Account?

On his way to Ali's first chemotherapy appointment. Miles is almost run over by a biker, a woman named Anna, whom he later sees at the hospital and learns has terminal cancer. 

She doesn't have much time left and wants to live out her bucket list, which includes doing everything that scares her. 

After the God Account sends Miles her name as a Friend Suggestion, he offers to help her complete it hoping that he will be able to convince her to resume treatment. 

Miles also finds out Anna used to be a parishioner at Harlem Episcopal but lost her faith after she lost someone close to her. 

Arthur suggests Miles can help by bringing her to God. 

Miles isn't keen on the idea but attempts it. He confronts Anna about her loss and she explains that she befriended a woman named Kate who called a help hotline she was working. 

They became close and Anna promised to always be there for her, but the night Kate needed her the most, Anna wasn't available. The next day, she found out Kate had taken her own life. 

Anna has been living with that regret her whole life and never faced Kate's parents because she feared they'd blame her. 

Miles organized a meeting, and Kate's parents told her they forgave her, which made Anna return to her faith. 

But she informed Miles she wasn't going to re-up treatment as the closure made her accept her fate and death. 

They made a meeting to check off the last thing on her bucket list the next morning, but when Miles arrived at Anna's place, her roommate broke the news that she passed away in her sleep. 

She had found peace. 

Miles called Ali, who was recovering from her first chemo treatment, and they watched the sunrise together in honor of Anna. 

Miles questioned why the God Account sent him Anna if he couldn't help save her. He also admitted to feeling like he's unable to support Ali because his faith isn't as strong enough. 

Ali suggested that maybe Anna was the God Account's way of steering him back to his faith, which would always be there for him when he needed it. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Miles: That's why you got back on the bike. Life's too short.
Anna: In my case, literally. What's the point of a terminal illness if you don't have a bucket list, right?

Miles: To save her life, you're telling me I'm supposed to help her find God?
Arthur: Why not?