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Beth discovers one of Rio's associates in her daughters bed. Rio tells the ladies that he will pay them cash if they let his friend hide out there until he returns for him. But upon waking up, the man leaves and takes Beth's minivan.

Beth's son wants a lavish birthday party and Dean tells him that they will throw him one. This prompts Beth to buy all the necessary items, so she can then return them within 30 days.

Ruby deals with a rude customer and when he burns his hand on a skillet, he accuses her of neglect. Ruby can't bring herself to apologize and she gets fired.

Sadie tells Annie that guys at school have been pulling her pants down, asking her what she is. When Rio's associate turns back up to return Beth's car, Annie takes him to the school where he warns the bullies to stop messing with Sadie.

Boomer takes his suspicions about the ladies and their trip to Canada to the FBI, who don't believe him.

At the birthday party, Rio shows up to say that he won't be paying the ladies since they didn't actually keep his friend there. Boomer, having dropped the cake off at the party, catches a glimpse of Rio and takes a picture which he sends to the FBI.

The ladies offer to clean Rio's fake cash for him, in exchange for 12.5% of the cut.

Dean tells Beth that he has cancer.

The episode ends with the FBI agent Boomer has been talking to showing up at Beth's front door.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Annie- Are people like pulling your pants down?
Sadie- They want to know what I am.

Beth- Two car seats, plus a booster seat. What's that going to set me back, like six hundred bucks?
Annie- Maybe he'll realize and bring em back.
Ruby- That's not how carjacking works.